Best Personal Finance Apps

Many individuals usually check their smartphone after every 50 minutes looking for text messages or emails. Smart people have discovered that smartphone also helps in keeping track of your finances. Keeping tab of your money is more difficult than managing or sticking to your money. Online personal finance applications are worth downloading because it is very easy to use. The following are the best personal apps that will guide you on how to track your money.


Mint is the best application for managing all your money. It is online free app that got its name from QuickBooks and TurboTax. It is very effective for creating a different budget, getting smart about spending the money and help you to stick to your budget. With the Mint app, you can connect all your bank accounts, monthly bills and credit accounts in one safe place. Mint eradicate time in logging into many sites. Mint helps you know when the monthly bills are due, what you are supposed to pay and also what you owe. The app also sends you frequent reminders so that you can avoid late payment of fees. Mint also gives you particular advice on how to have control of your budget based on your spending habits.

You need a budget

You need a budget is an online personal finance that is very different from other apps you have used before. It assists you to get out of debt especially if something unexpected occurs. The guiding principle of YNAB is that every dollar always has a job. It helps you not to create a budget around the money you do not have at hand. This accountability also keeps you on toes to avoid having expectations that are not real. Users are expected to pay a small fee annually but are worth because there are classes online taught by live instructors.


If you are the kind of person who loves so much being organized with day to day expenses, then Wally app is for you. Instead of logging into many online sites to check on how to manage personal expenses, Wally allows you just to take the photo of any receipt, and then it fills all the important information in one safe place. Wally is a streamlined, clean app that is easy to use and convenient for every user.


Harnessing good financial behavior is always complicated for every user. Acorns are very easy to use because you simply connected a credit card to it. Acorns round off any expense to the highest dollar and invest it in the low-cost portfolio that you choose to depend on the preference of the risks. Acorns assist you in putting any change to work in extremely painless ways such that you cannot notice any difference. The investment account is free for college students but charges less than a dollar monthly for everyone else. Users should not use any online tool to manage finance or keep track of the expenses because many of them are scam.

Benefits of Financial Management

Budgeting is the most efficient and basic tool for managing money. Most people usually avoid it because it is additional work. Budgeting implies that you have to give up on most stuff that is not necessary in life. Managing the finance means that you allocate the money and choices on what things to enjoy depending on your financial limitations. Managing the finance will save you from the everyday habits of overspending and having too much debt. Although budgeting entails additional work, it has many life-enhancing benefits.

Financial management gives you an opportunity to have control over your money. Financial management is the method of being intentional on what you save and spend. It also saves you from the stress that comes with the adjustment of lack of funds because you did not plan early how to use it.

Financial management helps in keeping you focused on the money goals. This implies that it helps you in avoiding unnecessary items and services that do not contribute to achieving long-term financial goals. If you are working with limited resources, the financial management is the easiest way to make end meets. Also, it assists you in making aware of what is going on with hard earned cash. This means that financial management saves you from wondering at the end of each month where your cash went.

Organizing ways of saving and spending is possible when you reinforce financial management in your life. Financial management gives you guide on diving money into many categories of savings and expenditures. With financial management, it is very easy to make adjustments and tells you the importance of how much money is needed in every field. It serves as a reference in organizations of receipts, bills and financial transactions. This will save you time and effort because of well-categorized questions.

A quick decision on how the money will work for you is also an important benefit of financial management. It enables one from saving cash for both expected and unexpected costs. In every life the possibilities of emergency are very high that is whey financial management gives you guide on ways of setting aside cash for emergency costs. Also, if you are someone who uses financial management effectively then communicating with others about your cash is very easy. For example, there is a clear communication on how the money will be spent with spouse and family. This accountability will avoid unnecessary conflicts and resolve any personal differences.

Detention of warning in case of potential problems is easy when you’re learning and practicing efficient financial management. This will makes you make adjustments before you experience any problems. Also, financial management helps in determination of how much debt you should take and where to take it. Many people tend to take a loan that in a real sense they do not require, financial management help you in taking a loan without being stressed. When you take care of all these things, financial management will enable you in producing extra cash. You will learn to identify and also eliminates unnecessary spending on interests, fees, and penalties.